confused-boy-with-books1I could use some feedback on a new project I’ve got going.

I decided to expand a short e-book I did a couple years ago into a full-length book. Should I keep the same title?

I’ve seen this done before in the past with other authors when they have expanded a short story into a novel. Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game is an example of this.

However, in that situation, the short story was in a magazine and so when the novel came out, it was obviously an expanded work. That won’t be the case with an e-book. I don’t want the people who purchased the short e-book to think it is the same thing as the longer, more-expensive book.

Would having a new cover be enough?

Should I put something on the cover or in the book description that says that the new book is expanded upon the shorter work?

I could change the title, but I like the original title and I think it captures the story of the book.

So what are your thoughts?