A writer’s winter

winter-blues-snowmanI finished up my last event for the year, and now, for me, winter begins. It’s not only a season, but it’s also the time when my business slows down. It won’t pick up again until mid-March.

In some ways, this is a good thing for me. I catch up on writing projects so I’m on track to release the early books I have planned for the year. I have time to do more research for stories. I get all of my tax information together to fill out my taxes. I lay out plans for my broad-term marketing for the year.

On the whole, though, it’s a rough time for me. I don’t have as much income coming in. I have to tap into my business savings to make up shortfalls.

I’ve learned to plan for this period. I save up during my busy months to have income for this time. I put off certain projects knowing I will work on them during the winter.

It’s all part of being a full-time writer. For anyone planning on a writing career starting with the New Year, don’t let the slow start off put you. It’s typical and cyclical.

Things will get better, but then winter comes every year.

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