bible-dream.jpgI get ideas from a variety of different resources; things I see or hear, newspaper articles, something I read in a book, research for other articles. One of the most-unreliable resources is my dreams.

As I’m sure you know, dreams can be weird. Mine (at least the ones I can remember) can be very disjointed. People jump in and out of the scene without reason, scenes can change drastically and might not even be realistic.

Every once in a while, something about a dream strikes me that it might make a good scene in a story or even the basis of a story. I wrote a horror story years ago called “The Grand Illusion.” Most of that story, including the main character of Panfilo Vasquez who dressed in a lime-green tuxedo, came from a nightmare that I had. Luckily, the nightmare was scary enough that I woke up from it and wrote what I could remember down.

Because of that experience, I tend to keep a pad and pen next to my bed for just such times. If I wake up from a dream that I think is interesting enough for a story, I’ll make some notes about it because I know that I won’t remember it when my alarm goes off in the morning.

That has happened more than once.

A few months ago, something a bit different happened. I woke up from a dream and scribbled down some notes about the dream. When morning came, I remembered enough that I had made some notes about a great story.

I picked up my pad and looked at my notes. They were jibberish. Now, it might be that I wrote out the dream precisely as I saw it in my head, and that the dream was just too disjointed. More likely, I was still half asleep when I made the notes.

Either way, I feel like I lost another great story idea.

That’s frustrating to me when it happens because although more often than not, I can’t use the dream idea, they represent some very creative ideas. My subconscious is connecting lots of bits and pieces into a narrative that I might not have considered. Using my dream ideas, helps move me outside of my comfort zone.

I don’t consider my pad a dream journal. Each dream goes into my idea file to be reviewed and considered later.

I just wish that I could remember them all so I can consider them later.

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