weight-loss-scale-clipart-5-things-the-scale-won-t-tell-dkfa60-clipartI started a diet a week and a half ago. It’s going well. I’m down 17 pounds in 12 days. I’m not even hungry usually. I am missing my favorite foods – burritos, tacos, stromboli. I count them in my sleep instead of sheep.

The reason I do bring this up is that my diet distracts me from my work every once in a while.

If I’m buried in a particular project and not paying attention, then things usually go well. The problem comes about when I start to feel hungry. Then I can’t get lost in my project. I try to concentrate on my work, but then my slight hunger pains pull my attention to my belly.

Hopefully, as I continue to lose weight, my hunger pains will lessen and when I do have them, I’ll have trained myself to focus more on my work.

In the end, if I hit my goal weight, it will be worth the inconvenience. I am already lighter than I’ve been since February 2014.

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