CanawlersThis week, I had an enthusiastic reader insisting that my Canawlers novels should be turned into a movie. She has even gone so far as to contact someone she knows with Disney movies about the possibility. I haven’t heard anything back about that, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

It’s not the first time that someone has wanted to see Canawlers as a movie, but it’s the first time that someone has taken action toward that goal. That includes me!

In fact, when she asked me about it, I said that I really had no clue how to go about. I said that I would keep writing my books and hope that somehow they got discovered. Well, she even went and found a link that suggested things that I could do to get my books optioned.

What I gleaned from the article is that I need to pitch the book to producers and the most likely ones who would be interested would probably be independent movie producers as opposed to the big-name Hollywood one. The article recommended using The Hollywood Creative Directory or Writer’s Market to find some.

I couldn’t find movie producers in my copy of the 2015 Writer’s Market, but I did find another book by the same publisher called Pitching Hollywood that looks promising. I also found two books on Amazon that look like they have plenty of information. They are Hollywood Producers Directory and Hollywood Screenwriting Directory.

The article recommended making a synopsis of the book that’s no more than four pages long. It also said to register it with the Writer’s Guild of America to protect the concept. I don’t think this is necessary if the book is already written because the book itself is already protected by a copyright, which would protect my movie concept.o&d_0001

The process of pitching to producers is just like pitching to publishers and agents. The key is finding producers who are interested in the genre that the book is in. For instance, science fiction producers wouldn’t be interested in historical fiction.

So I guess I’ll start looking for potential producers and see what happens. Wow, since there are four books in the series, just imagine all four of them becoming movies! I wonder who would play David and Alice?

Here’s the link to the article I was sent if you want to read it.