Kill Zone by C. J. Lyons is the third book in the Lucy Guardino series. I read the first book in the series, Snake Skin, as well. While you can enjoy this book on its own, you’re going to get more out of it by reading the books in order. While I was reading, I could tell there must have been some things that happened in the second book that affected some of the characters in this book.

Kill Zone begins like a typical thriller. FBI agent Lucy Guardino is called to the scene of a brutal double murder of two young Afghan girls. As Lucy sets about to unravel the mystery, she begins to suspect that the oldest girl may have been killed as part of an honor killing.

Before the investigation can get too far, Pittsburgh, Pa., suddenly becomes the target of a large, coordinated attack between a Mexican cartel and Pittsburgh street gangs. The city becomes a war zone that leaves Lucy and her husband trying their best to stay alive.

The story moves quickly and is an exciting read. I like the character of Lucy. She seems very realistic in how she deals with work and family. Add into that, she tries to keep both separate from the other, which is not always possible.

I was a bit skeptical to start this series at first. I thought Lyons wrote medical thrillers and romance, neither of which are genres that I read. The description of Snake Skin sounded interesting, though, so I took a chance and I wasn’t disappointed. Lyons knows how to deliver a great story.