coverbannerCan you do me a favor? Based on the feedback I get from readers at signings, presentations, and events, it seems that people enjoy my books. I especially like seeing the same people come back to my festival booths year after year to see what new books that I have out.

I’ve been trying to expand my marketing efforts with some Facebook and Amazon advertising. I’d like to start using ebook promotional services like Bookbub and Bookgorilla to expand that effort. However, to even be considered for those programs, I need to get more reviews. I believe they use it to make sure that the author is marketing the books and readers like them.

My problem is that despite good sales for most of my books (there are some exceptions that I’m working to improve), readers aren’t reviewing my books. So please, if you have read my books, please review them on Amazon. You can even review them if you didn’t buy them there. It won’t be a verified purchase, but it will still be a review. I’m not even asking for a 5-star review (though that would be great!). Just provide me with an honest review.

By the way, if you do have problems with the book, particularly if you think it’s factually wrong, please let me know via e-mail ( If I did get something wrong, I most likely can correct it and get a new version of the book uploaded. That way, I won’t have a review saying something is wrong that has been corrected. If it’s not wrong, then I can show you the back-up documentation.

If there’s a book you’d like to review, let me know, and I may be able to get you a review copy.

Thanks for your help on this. I feel like I’m rolling a snowball uphill. It’s slowly getting bigger and at some point, I hope to reach a point where it will start rolling downhill on its own and quickly gaining size. For me, that would mean I’ll be able to devote more of my time to book writing as the sales of my backlist increases.

Here’s the link to my Amazon Author Page. You can use it to find any of my books and leave a review. Thanks again! You’re a big help.