One of the things that I enjoy about being an independent author is that I learn a lot of new things. When my first books were published with traditional publishers, I didn’t have to worry about things like cover design, editing, distribution, and marketing (to a degree).

The problem was that I wasn’t sure how much the publishers were worrying about it, either.

One of the things that I used to hear a lot was that no one will care more about my book than me. It’s the underlying mantra of an independent writer.

So over the years I’ve learned about all the elements that required to bring a book to market. Sometimes, I’ve subcontracted those jobs out, but I’ve always looked to learn them or at least understand them in order to make better decisions.

So my latest challenge was to create a 3D cover for a box set of my Canawlers novels. I’ve done layout of books and even some cover designs, but how I was going to accomplish this eluded me. I searched for software and found that there were plenty of programs to help you. The few I tried for free online seemed limited and were frustrating me.

So I posted a query on a Facebook group that I belong to and asked for recommendations. The specific software recommendations that were posted in reply were said to be easy to use. The problem was I had tried them and didn’t find that to be the case. After all, I’m not a graphic artist. I can get by, but some of the higher level stuff is what I would usually contract out because it would take me longer to learn than was worth it for me.

I was ready to contract this job out until one of the Facebook posts sent me to a blog with a video on it. I watched the video and in a couple minutes had figured things out and created my first 3D book cover for my first box set

Here’s the cover:

Box Set Cover Image 2

What do you think?

My next step is to create the box set, which I don’t foresee being too hard. Famous last words, right? Wish me luck!