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Waiting in the green room before the taping of the show.

So I had the chance to be interviewed on television this week along with Richard Fulton, who is my co-author on The Last to Fall: The 1922 March, Battles & Deaths of U. S. Marines at Gettysburg. We taped an episode of PA Books, a cable show produced by PCN.

The show won’t air until October. I’m hoping it will expose a lot more people to the book and that we’ll also have the book in a few more venues by then. The network reaches 10 million people

Overall, I’d say the interview went well and so did Rick. It seemed like a nice back and forth between us and the interviewer. There were a few faux pas like when I reached down to take a sip of my water right as the camera started rolling. Apparently, they didn’t like that and started over. For my part, I made sure to leave the water alone for the next hour.

There were no commercial breaks either. Once the cameras started rolling, we talked for an hour about the book and our backgrounds.

Rick said there was someone sitting behind us who he could just barely see out of the corner of his eye. I couldn’t see the person at all, but I did see the host keep looking behind me. It made me want to turn around and see what was going on but I resisted the urge.

The questions weren’t hard and the host had obviously read the book and his copy had sticky notes popping out all over it that he referred to when he asked some questions. I only wished I had remembered certain parts of the book better. On the drive home, both Rick and I said that were certain things that we wished we had handled better.

I’m also curious how I look on screen since my wife didn’t tell me until after I got home that you shouldn’t wear a white shirt on television because it can cause lighting problems. Would have been nice to know beforehand, but no one said anything while we were there so I’m hoping it wasn’t a problem.

The experience is becoming a blur now. I only hoped I’m not too shocked by what I said and how I said it when I see the episode. I’ll post a link on Facebook and Twitter when the episode airs October 11. Until then, if you want to see if the cable network in your area carries PCN, here’s a link.