collage-2015Looking for a way to jump start your writing? I’ve always found writer’s conferences give my enthusiasm a recharge. I mean, let’s face it, writing can be lonely work, and that isolation can lead to a waning of enthusiasm. A writer’s conference will put you amid a group of writers who will be talking about writing. Add to that workshops and talks and you’ll put your creativity on steroids.

I have never failed to leave a writer’s conference without some new ideas whether it on how to write, how to market, or some new contact that I want to pursue. I’m also anxious to start putting the things I’ve learned to use.

This year, I’ve discovered the Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writers Institute Conference in Hagerstown, Md., or rather, I rediscovered it. It used to be called the Nora Roberts Writers Institute Conference. I had seen that conference listed last year, but I thought it was a conference for romance writers so I had passed on it.

Now in its third year, the name has been changed to the Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writers Institute to make it clear that it has something to offer for writers of all genres. In fact, I’ll be teaching a session this year about writing historical fiction. Looking through the schedule for this year, I see sessions on science fiction, writing in general, thrillers, social media, independent publishing, fantasy, and more. I definitely see plenty of sessions that I’ll be attending to learn rather than simply teach.

Check out the web site for yourself and maybe I’ll see you there!