girl_writing_outsideNow that the weather has gotten very nice, I find myself spending some of my days in the sun room of my house. It’s bright and pleasant, but most importantly, it inspires me.

Not directly inspire me, but it improves my mood. I find that the attitude change helps me focus on my work.

It doesn’t have to be the sunroom that inspires me. Many times, all I need is change a change of place that gives my work a jumpstart. The other day simply taking my work into the living room and sitting in the sun started my creative juices flowing. I sat in a chair with my face in the sun reading and suddenly I was writing out the draft for the beginning of a chapter on a book that I’m writing.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes it is just a change of position that gets me moving forward. Sometimes, I’ll take a notebook and lay down on the floor and start writing.

On gorgeous days when it’s hard to stay inside, I will even go outside and sit in a hammock swing or take a trip to a local park.

So does a change of location or position give your writing a jumpstart? Where is your favorite spot to write?