a7e3a582a5939d56e64ce62c407a426aI like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels. I haven’t seen Tom Cruise playing him in the movies and I don’t think I will since I have a certain picture of Reacher in my mind and Cruise would destroy that. I liked 61 Hours even though I figured most of it out early in the book. It was still a fun adventure, though. I particularly liked how Reacher is definitely a warm-weather person and can’t handle the South Dakota winters.

61 Hours starts with Reacher getting stuck in a small (but growing) town of Bolton, S.D., after the bus he is riding on slides into a ditch. From there, he gets involved with the local police in trying to protect an old woman who witnessed a drug transaction that can bring down a huge gang of bikers. The problem is that the police know that someone has been sent to kill her.

I found myself liking a side story between Reacher and the new commander of his old unit, Susan Turner. He has to call her for a favor in trying to figure out who is after the witness whose name is Janet Salter. This begins a series of calls as the two of them exchange information and get to know each other or at least as well as someone can know Reacher. He even helps Susan catch a killer whom she is after just by her giving him a briefing of the case.

It an action-packed ride with a slightly ambiguous conclusion, though you know Reacher survives, otherwise there wouldn’t be a series anymore. I’ll have to check to see if there have been anymore since this one.

I’m sure I am now reading the books out of order. That’s one of the nice things about the series. Each book is a stand-alone title with little connection to any of the other books in the series.