The Warded ManI’m not sure why I decided to buy The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett, but I now have another fantasy writer that I’ll be reading.

I wasn’t sure what was happening at first. There were three storylines that didn’t interact until late in the book. Also, I didn’t even try to follow the dating system, but I realized while following the three storylines that the stories weren’t running simultaneously.

However, I enjoyed all three of the characters. There is the warded man, an herb gatherer, and a jongleur. They are different ages, have led different lives, and have different personalities. The two-thirds or so of the book you learn about their backgrounds and what happened to bring them to the point where their lives intersect.

They live in a world where humans and demons battle for supremacy. Humans rule the day, but at night hide behind wards to protect them from the demons who rise from the core. It is a battle that humanity seems to be losing because although they can protect themselves, they have forgotten how to use the wards as weapons.

While the book explores some themes of morality, science, and religion, it becomes a solid action story with all three of the main characters using their special talents to fight demons.

It’s the first in what is currently a 4-book series so I am anxious to see where Brett goes with the story.