I sure hope that I’m a late bloomer. An article in the U.K. Telegraph has given me hope. It looked at some of the breakthrough books written by popular writers and found that writers like Dan Brown and Nora Roberts had their breakthrough books in their 40’s.

Now I will turn 49 this year (shhhh! Don’t tell anyone). Lee Child, John Irving, Mario Puzo, and Janet Evanovich all had their breakthrough books at my age or later.

Blinkbox Books looked at best-selling authors from 2001 and 2014 and combined it with a list of authors from the BBC Big Read. They looked at authors and how old they were when their breakout books were published.

For some of the authors, their breakout book was their debut novel like Richard Adams’ Watership Down published when he was 53 years old. Other authors like Philip Pullman had been published for decades before they had their breakout novel. Pullman was first published at age 27, but his bestseller, Northern Lights, was published when he was 50

Here’s a link for the article and list. Check and see if your favorite authors are mentioned.