1326221518292791933Confused Squirrel.svg.hiDoes anyone else get confused when working on multiple projects? I usually don’t, but lately I find myself having trouble jumping between projects, particularly book projects. Or is this just a sign that I’ve about stretched myself to my limit.

I spent years as a newspaper reporter so I’m used to juggling multiple stories. In any given month, I write, I write about 15 newspaper and magazine articles.

I’m even familiar with multiple book projects. I tend to have a project in edits, one that I’m writing, and one that I’m researching/outlining. Of course, right now I’ve got six book projects that all have various reasons why I need to be giving them priority. Two are being edited and four are being written.

A couple of the projects are set in the same era. I would think this would make it easy to switch from project to project, but I find that when I am working on one book, something will crop up that will send me off on a thought tangent about the other book. My writing grinds to a halt while I make some notes that I can come back to, and then I have to take time to try and get back to that “writing zone” again.

I’ve have been trying to write a couple thousand words for each project a week, but I feel like I’m not making much progress on them. However, if I try to focus all of my efforts on one, then the others might slip too much that I will have trouble getting them finished on time.

That doesn’t even take into consideration what happens when some of these books come out close to each other. Will my marketing efforts wind up being split, giving one or more of the books short shift?

I love all of the projects and want to see them written. I just don’t want to find out when I think I’m writing about the Civil War, I open the document the next day and find out that I’ve been writing my fantasy novel!