confused-boy-with-books1Sometimes it’s odd how life moves. I got into independent publishing in 2001 as a way to get my work into print for what I saw as a limited market. That market turned out to be much larger and the project turned out to be profitable.

So I started independently publish more of my books because I enjoy the control I have over the project and the fact that I make a lot more per copy sold. Certainly there are some drawbacks, but the longer I do this work, the more I find ways to work around those drawbacks. For instance, when I started publishing my own work, you had a to pay a book printer thousands of dollars up front and then find a place for all the boxes of books you would have arriving on your doorstep. Print-on-demand technology has changed all that so I have minimal up-front costs to produce a book, which has made it easier for me to do multiple projects in a year.

Now just this week, I’ve had two people approaching me to produce their projects. I’m intrigued and definitely flattered. However, I’m not sure if that is a direction I want to move at this time.

When I started out in 2000, I had in the back of my mind that I might someday publish other people’s works. I have so many books I want to write, though, and publishing other people’s works would take away from my writing time, which I never have enough of. I have four works in progress right now, plus two others that I can put off for a little bit before I have to start working on them. Then there are all the other book ideas I want to research and work on.

I am a writer. I got into independent publish because it helped me further my writing goals, but I have never felt comfortable doing all the marketing. I know it’s a necessary evil and I do it, but do I want to do it for someone else’s work?

I count myself lucky that the opportunity has presented itself, but it could have come at better time. I’ve always tried to seize opportunities, but I’m afraid that I’ll overextend myself. It would be nice to help some other writers’ dreams come true, though.