10550837_892137040815989_4726715983921528619_nLuckily, I don’t know if any of my books or articles has ever been plagiarized. Maybe that means my writing isn’t good enough to be copied.

I have been accused of plagiarizing myself, though. I tried pointing out that plagiarism involves copying another person’s work without permission. Not only was I not another person, I gave myself permission to use part of another of articles in a different article.

Some writers have had to deal with much worse. Rachel Ann Nunes writes romantic fiction. It’s not a genre that I read, but I’ve met Rachel at a writer’s conference where I spoke. She’s a nice woman and definitely didn’t deserve to have one of her older books copied in many cases verbatim. To make matters worse, rather than apologize and try to make amends, the offending author went on the attack, making accusations against Nunes and posting poor reviews of her book.

It’s a scary story to read, much more so because it’s true. I’ve included the link to the extensive blog post that Nunes wrote that details the entire story. Take a few minutes and read through it. If you feel moved to do so, leave Nunes a word of support and encouragement in the comments.

She deserves it for having to put up with all of this.