My internet went out on me this week. Well, it didn’t actual go out as much as it was cut out. Literally. A township crew doing some work on the street in front of my house cut through the cable running internet service to my house and a few of my neighbors. I’m not sure how badly my neighbors were affected, but it killed my productivity during the day. I tried shifting some of my work around to do non-internet projects, but I was still left without e-mail. It was very frustrating and it made me realize just how dependent I am on the internet. I market my books, communicate with people, research projects and more on the internet. Without it, working from home just becomes sitting at home.

That dependency made me nervous when I read a Washington Post article about how a solar storm two years ago nearly caused a catastrophe because it would have fried anything plugged into an outlet.

The internet is a great thing. It has made me more productive and allowed me to pursue my dream of writing full time, but it has also made me dependent on it being available. I’m like the puppet and the internet is my strings. If the strings are cut, I can’t do much.