exercise_bike_1I had a real nice experience at the YMCA this morning. I was pedaling away on the recumbent bike and sweating like a pig. A woman sat down on the bike next to me and started her workout. After a minute, she tapped me on the arm and showed me her smart phone, which she was reading a book on. The screen showed the cover of my first book, Canawlers.

I know I smiled pretty broadly, but to show that enough oxygen must not have been getting to my brain because I asked, “Where’d you get that?”

“Off Kindle.”

Then realization kicked in. She was reading my e-book not just showing me a picture of the cover of my book. (The oxygen finally got to my brain.)

“I hope you like it,” I told her.

“I love how you write,” she told me.

It turns out that she was a fan of my weekly history columns in the Gettysburg Times and had wanted to read more.

Her comment made me feel better than my workout did. If only it burned as many calories, I would never have to workout again.