Matthew Wright

Content editing is the part of writing that takes an author from their ‘bad first draft’ to their ‘good final version’.

1197094932257185876johnny_automatic_books_svg_medIt’s also called ‘polishing’, sometimes ‘crafting’. But it’s all the same thing – it’s about taking that raw draft and reviewing the material. For me it’s the fun part of writing. But it’s also a process. Floundering through it absorbs time – time that those of us on deadlines seldom have.

Direction and system can help. The biggest time-sink when editing is getting half way through a detailed re-work only to discover something’s fundamentally adrift with structure.

On my experience the best way to discover this – and, for that matter, the other content editing issues  – is to look at the work from the over-arching perspective, as a complete object. Some authors write by polishing every sentence to finish point, then moving on to the next. The problem…

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