I like writing articles to help promote my books. I usually get a nice author bio that mentions my latest book and maybe even my web site. Sometimes, the article pertains directly to my book. Other times, it’s just in the same genre. I find it also helps keep from getting a log jam of ideas that I can’t ever find the time to write about. Some become articles, some stories and others books.

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Even Ernest Hemingway,  Margaret Atwood, Tom ChiarellaGloria SteinemBrian Mockenhaupt and Stephen King did it:  Writing occasionally short stories and magazine articles – before blogs became fashionable. In several former posts we explained in detail how easy it is for writers to create content, such as blog articles and sell them to magazines and newspapers or write guest blogs. Read more here and here about brilliant book marketing and content writing.


Use Your Writing Skills to Earn Money
Writing for magazines, newspapers or online articles will get you paid much faster than you ever will be for your book – and they will pay you more!

Get your Name Out There
Establish your brand as a writer, get links back to your website or book sales page (there are often two links allowed in guest blogs).  As more articles or…

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