With the New Year nearly here, I’ve been laying out plans for 2014.

I’ve got a pretty aggressive publishing plan for the year between regular books and e-books. I want to publish three books and three e-books. In the past, my publishing has been a little haphazard. For 2014, I’ve laid out when I want the books to come out so that they are spaced out. I also worked back from the publishing dates to see when I needed to have other things completed like covers, promos and sending a draft to the editor. By knowing when the book release dates are, I can spread out those other deadlines so I’m not pulling my hair out some months and then having nothing to do the next month.

It’s also aggressive because I’m spreading into some new genres. I have typically written history and historical fiction in the past, but I’m going to release young-adult and other non-fiction titles next year. Having a plan allows me to figure out what I need to do to break into the new genres.

The benefit of laying out this plan is that when I did see times when my workload would be lighter, I could plan for other promotions for existing books. I can also plan on using those lighter work times to research new books and write drafts.

Another benefit is that since I’m not a natural marketer and an introvert by nature, this plan will help keep me on track and focused on the job at hand.

The result, if things work out according to the plan, is that I’ll have a steady presence of my books and promotions.

So now, I’ll take a deep breath and ready myself for a busy 2014. I hope you all will come along for the journey.