I saw that Amazon Publishing now has a digital short story imprint called StoryFront. I have always thought that e-publishing is great for short pieces. Witness the success of Kindle Singles.

Here are some of the reasons I like to e-publish short fiction:

  • An author can write a novella or short story and package it with a sneak peek at an upcoming novel. It serves as a great marketing tool.
  • An author who wants to enter a particular genre can test the waters with a short novella and see what kind of response he or she gets.
  • Since the short fiction magazine market tends to pay poorly, writers can get the rights to their stories and format them for e-books and hopefully, earn more than they did as magazine articles.
  • Each short e-book gives an author additional exposure, putting their name out just as often as a novel would.
  • Short e-books allow potential readers the opportunity to see if they like an author’s writing style without having to pay $5-$8 for a novel.
  • Short e-books make great books to use as promotional giveaways in an author’s marketing program.

As for the new Amazon imprint, I will look into it more and maybe even submit something to see how the response compares to what I get with my existing short e-books.

Here’s a link to a story about Amazon’s StoryFront launch.