thI’ve only recently started reading the Spenser novels by Robert B. Parker. I used to watch Spenser for Hire when it was on TV in the 80s so I’m not sure why I never gave the books a try because I am really enjoying them now.

In God Save the Child, Spenser is searching for a missing 14-year-old boy who disappeared from a nice middle-class neighborhood. He is believed to have run away, but then a ransom note arrives in the form of a comic strip. Spenser is hired to find the boy, but to also act as a bodyguard for the family, which has been getting death threats. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that the family has a lot more problems than just a missing child.

God Save the Child is an early Spenser novel. The writing is not quite as stylish as a later novel I read, but the nice thing about this book is that you get to see how Spenser and Susan Silverman meet. Now if it only had Hawk.