I started teaching writing classes again this week. It’s been awhile because the community college where I used to teach at pretty much shut down its adult enrichment department. The classes I’m teaching now are at the Adams County Arts Council and next year, I’ll also start teaching them at Frederick Community College.

I enjoy teaching writing. It is like talking shop about the type of work that I love. It’s always interesting to see the different experience and skill levels of other writers and learn what their interests for writing topics are. Despite all the differences they have, they are all excited to write and want some direction on how to do it.

That excitement is contagious, too.  get excited about writing my own pieces after teaching classes.

I used to think it would be easy to teach. After the first few courses, I figured that I would have a refined syllabus and could show up for class and it would be smooth sailing.

That’s not the case. In my most-recent class, I covered a lot more in the first class than I usually cover. The students had a lot of questions about topics that I usually don’t cover as in-depth in the course as they seemed to want or need. Luckily, I will now have some extra time to cover it. I’m going to have to tweak my lesson plans to add the additional material. I don’t mind doing it. It forces me to relook at a topic with fresh eyes.

In the end, my goal is that I hope the students get even more out of the course than I do. Seeing how much fun and inspiration I get from them, though, I am going to have to work hard.