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The Stale Writer
Guest post by Patricia PacJac Carroll

You have taken an extended break from writing, a long vacation, or summer with the kids. It’s time to get back to the keyboard. You glance at the monitor. Nagging questions rip away your confidence. Do you still have it? Did your creativity expire?
It’s been a while since I have had any kind of disciplined writing schedule, but I have a plan:
  • TV is not your writing friend.
  • Social Networking is not your writing friend.
  • Games are not your writing friend.
  • Eating is not your writing friend – not even ice cream.
  • Naps are not your writing friend.
So, what is a stale writer to do?
How can you breathe life into that smoldering ember of imagination and finish that book you have been working on for over a year? There must be a better and…

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