Earth-Unaware_CardI picked up Earth Unaware because I’m a big fan of Orson Scott Card’s books and I was very curious to see what the first encounter of humans and Buggers had been like. As with most of Card’s books, the focal character is a young boy who is somewhat a prodigy in his field. In this case, the young man named Victor is “Ender light.” He’s talented beyond his years, but not to the extent that Ender or Bean were.

Victor is on board a mining ship, the El Cavador, with his family on the outskirts of human-explored space when a fast-moving object is detected. It moves faster than any known human ship and it is moving towards Earth.

While the miners are concerned, they have other more-pressing concerns. A corporate mining ship jumps their claim on a metal-rich asteroid and leaves the El Cavador crippled. It’s a dangerous situation to be in in deep space, but at the same time, it also saves the ship.

Another mining ship makes first contact with the alien ship to disastrous results.

The secondary story of the book introduces you to Mazer Rackham before he became the legend that saved the human race during the Formic Wars.

Some reviewers have noted problems with the science side of the science fiction. While they are correct in their observations, it didn’t bother me too much. Reading fiction for me has always been more about the story and characters, which I found interesting.