REVIEW: The Black Order by James Rollins

9780752882161Is it any surprise that James Rollins was chosen to write the novelization of the last Indiana Jones novel? His Sigma Force novels are like modern-day Indiana Jones stories. I am enjoying reading them with their extrapolation of historical events.

The Black Order is the third in the Sigma Force series. It begins with storylines in Copenhagen, Denmark; the Himalayan Mountains and South Africa. In Denmark, Gray Pierce is attending a book auction for a Bible that once belonged to Charles Darwin that winds up sending him running for his life. High in the Himalayan Mountains a monastery of monks is slaughtered and Painter Crowe, the director of Sigma Force, is left with a disease that is slowly debilitating him. And on a game reserve in Africa, mysterious creatures are hunting and slaughtering people.

As Sigma Force begins the race to save Crowe’s life, they uncover a plan started by the Nazis that had been thought long lost or destroyed at the end of the war.

Rollins’ books are always interesting and a fun romp with lots of adventure.


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