A-Memory-of-LightWow! It’s hard to believe that this series has ended (or has it? We are talking about the Wheel of Time after all.) A Memory of Light is the 14th and last book in The Wheel of Time series (15 books if you count the prequel novel). The first volume came out nearly 25 years ago, though I didn’t start reading the series until the 5th book was out. Each book has been the size of 2-3 regular novels so I’ve done a lot of reading following all of the stories that have developed.

A Memory of Light wraps all of those storylines up as the book is all about the Last Battle, the fight between light and dark and the survival of the world. I was surprised at some of the casualties and survivors of the Last Battle. I won’t spoil the story by saying who lives and dies.

The Last Battle is being fought on 5 fronts, though Rand al Thor’s battle inside the mountain where the Dark One is imprisoned is the key battle.

All of the mysteries of the series are resolved, though I was a little let down with how the book ended. I’m still not sure if it’s because of the ending or the let down that a series I’ve enjoyed for so many years had ended.

The Wheel of Time series is EPIC fantasy. Robert Jordan created a rich world filled with at least a dozen different cultures that were developed over the course of the story, each with its own tradition and history. The characters had different personalities and motivations. At times, I would find myself liking one more than another, but then things easily shifted. Not all of the books in the series were fantastic, but the series as a whole was.

A Memory of Light is definintely not a book you can simply read on its own. However, if you want to read an interesting and exciting fantasy series, start with the prequel, New Spring: The Novel. It was written well after the series began, but you might as well start at the beginning. (It’s also the shortest book in the series so it won’t be as intimidating.)

While I am a big fan of Brandon Sanderson, I only wish that Robert Jordan had lived long enough to finish the epic he created.