I miss teaching classes about writing. I used to teach one or two non-credit continuing education courses a semester at my local community college. It was a lot of fun to talk to enthusiastic writers about their projects and help them refine their books, articles, etc. and get them ready for publication.

However, the college gutted much of its continuing education department because of budget cuts and so I haven’t had the opportunity to do any teaching since then. I’ve given talks, but they were about the subjects of my books rather than the writing process.

That may soon change. I had a good meeting with a representative at my local arts council today who is interested in having me teach some classes there. With luck, I’ll be working with burgeoning writers before too long. The representative seemed excited about some of my class ideas. The next step is for me to send her course outlines to look at to make sure they’ll fit with her goals.

So keep your fingers crossed.