I’ve been really struggling to switch gears from writing nonfiction to fiction lately. I can’t tell you why. All I can say is that it has really been frustrating. I sit down to work on a historical novel that is my current project and it’s a struggle. Plus, I’m usually not happy with the way what I do write sounds.

Has anyone else ever hit a similar type of writer’s block? I’d be curious to know how you tackled it.

I started by setting a goal of 500 new words a day. I figured that it wasn’t a lot of new fiction to produce and that once I had something written down, it would be easier to edit it. So far, it seems to be work. I’m finding it easier and easier to hit my goal. In another week, I may up my daily goal to 1,000 words a day.

I’m doing a lot more editing with what I’m writing, too. I would like to think it’s because I’ve become a better self-editor and not because what I’m writing is dreck. Still, this is what editing is for: to polish dreck until it becomes a diamond.