My fourth Looking Back newspaper column debuted today in the Gettysburg Times. It was a fun story about when people used to horse race through Gettysburg as if it were a racetrack.

I hope it sets the tone for the types of stories I’ll be looking for the column. It’s fairly easy to do with the other newspapers I write Looking Back for, but in Gettysburg, the Civil War battle overshadows the history of Adams County. I sort of feel like I’m facing a bit of an uphill battle to show people how interesting the history of area was.
Then again, before the first column had even run, someone who had seen the promos for the column contacted me with a great story idea that I’m sure I’ll be able to turn into a column.

If you’d like to take a peek at the column, check it out here and let me know what you think about it.

Here are the other newspapers I write “Looking Back” for:
• The Cumberland Times-News
• The Chambersburg Public Opinion
• The Catoctin Banner

Though I write the column for multiple papers, it’s not considered syndicated. Because of the nature of the column, each one is original for the newspaper. It’s more work for me, but it makes the columns more pertinent and more interesting to the readers. Judging by the feedback that I get from readers of the other newspapers, they appreciate the effort. Hopefully, the readers of the Gettysburg Times will, too.