zero-day-by-david-baldacciI am a fan of David Baldacci’s thrillers, but Zero Day just did not grab me.

In Zero Day, John Puller is an Army CID investigator sent to a small, West Virginia coal town to discover who murdered a colonel in the Defense Intelligence Agency. However, the deeper he digs into the murder, the more complicated he finds the case growing and it reaches far beyond the town.

While the mystery is fairly complex, for some reason it didn’t interest me like his other thrillers. I also found it a bit political in its opinion of the coal industry.

However, I did like the main character, John Puller. He is a combat veteran whose father is a combat legend and whose brother is in federal prison for treason. I am glad to see Puller is in another novel by Baldacci. Hopefully, I will be able to enjoy that one.