Did you make New Year’s resolutions yet this year? Among the New Year’s resolutions you set for 2013, don’t forget to include your writing resolutions. What do you want to achieve with your writing this year? Write those goals down. Keep them reasonable, but also push yourself a bit more.

I’m a big believer in lists. They help keep me focused and that’s how I use my writing resolutions. I keep them written on my monthly calendar and rewrite them each month when I tear the completed month off the calendar. That way I review my goals for the year monthly. When I complete one of my goals, I check it off the list, but I continue rewriting it month to month to see how much further I can go.

I tend to base my writing resolutions on what I did the previous year. Based on how well I met those goals, I may leave the goal the same or increase it. Sometimes, I will also add a new goal. For instance, last year, I set a goal of getting into e-publishing. Based on my results from 2012, I will fine tune my goal for this year.

I set goals for the number of books I’ll write and the number I’ll sell in a year. I also set goals for things like blog posts and magazine articles. Once I’ve got the writing resolutions written down, then I start writing daily and weekly goals to help me meet the resolutions.

The fun thing is when I get to review my resolutions at the end of the year. It allows me to see how far I’ve come in the year. Though I might not hit every goal for the year, I can usually see progress and that lets me start the new year feeling good about the progress I’ve made.