synopsis_tcd%20coverI stumbled on the TV series “Longmire” on A&E this year and really enjoyed it so when I found out that the series was based on Craig Johnson’s mysteries, I downloaded the first in the series called The Cold Dish.

I think one of the things that makes this book series so interesting is not only the setting in Wyoming but the slightly mystical sense that you get from it as the main character Sheriff Walt Longmire interacts with the Indian nations in the area.

Longmire is a long-time sheriff in least-populated county in the least-populated state. He is assisted in his office by two full-time deputies and one part-time deputy. His second-in-command is a Philadelphia transplant named Victoria “Vic” Moretti. She moved because her husband took a job with an energy company in Wyoming. Vic is a very capable deputy, a beautiful woman who has a filthy mouth.

In “The Cold Dish” a young man, Cody Pritchard, is found shot near the Cheyenne reservation. Longmire knows Pritchard from an earlier case when Pritchard was one of four high school boys accused of raping a young Cheyenne girl. They beat the charges at that time, but when another of the boys turns up dead, it seems likes someone may be trying to bring them to the ultimate justice.

If this sounds familiar, it was also the plot for one of the episodes of the series, but “The Cold Dish” has a different ending. The characters in the book are somewhat different than the ones on television, but not in any significant ways, except one, which is revealed in “The Cold Dish.”

I am enjoying both and when I finished “The Cold Dish”, I was just as anxious to read the next book as I am to watch the next season of the series.