Book Review Frozen HeatWhile Frozen Heat, the fourth Nikki Heat mystery from Richard Castle, can be enjoyed as a mystery novel, you’ll get so much more from it if you also was the ABC TV series Castle. The series premise is that a bestselling crime novelist helps a New York City police detective investigate murders while he shadows her as inspiration for his newest detective heroine, Nikki Heat.

The series is fun and exciting with a great cast of characters. Most of the characters in the novels are based on the TV series characters. Once Richard Castle, played by Nathan Fillion on the series, started publishing his new novels, ABC also decided to publish them as well. Besides having characters from the series, you’ll also see lines and scenes based on things from the series; however the novel puts them together in new and interesting ways. Also, there’s lots of little “Easter Eggs” you’ll find in the books like Detectives Malcolm and Reynolds, a tribute to Fillion’s character on Firefly, Malcolm Reynolds.

In Frozen Heat, Detective Nikki Heat’s latest case (a woman stabbed and murdered) connects to a cold case that has haunted Heat for a decade, the murder of her mother. She and her partner (both romantic and investigative), Jameson Rook begin investigating both cases, which forces Heat to face some areas of her mother’s life that she didn’t know about.

The writing is fast paced and exciting. Each of the novels has become a little more involved so that they are more like mystery novels and less like unaired episodes of the series. Plus, the TV series connection gives the books more depth. For instance, in the series, Det. Kate Beckett and Richard Castle have been slowly unraveling the mystery of Beckett’s mother’s murder.

Whether you’re a fan of Castle or not, you can still enjoy Frozen Heat, and if you’re not yet a fan of the series, you might just become one.