I’ve been enjoying setting up my Author’s Central page at Amazon.com.  It’s like having a second author’s web site.

Some of the things I’ve got on my page are an author’s bio, blog feeds and, of course, all of my books that are Amazon. Amazon also adds a list of other authors that my customers have bought from and discussions about my books.

It’s a good clearing house for me to keep track of all my books so that I can quickly get to the individual book pages to make edits.  I’ve also used it on a few occasions when I wanted to link to all of my books at once rather than having to list each title and link.

The biggest advantage is that it makes it easy for customers who find one of your books on Amazon to see what other books you have written and to follow your blogs.

If you’re an author, make sure you create your own Author Central page and help out your readers.

Take a look at my page here.