No Witnesses is the first Ridley Pearson novel that I’ve read. It’s obviously part of a series and not the first one in the series so it took me a few chapters to get a feel for the characters. I think this would have been easier if I had started with book one.

The story centers around a person who is tampering with food in the Seattle area. People die from his tampering and it seems like he will continue to increase the amount of food that he tampers with.

Lou Boldt, a Seattle homicide detective, and Daphne Matthews, a psychologist who works with the police, are the main characters in the series and they undertake the investigation.

Things get complicated when it becomes apparent that Matthews boyfriend’s food company is the target of the person doing the tampering.

Once I got into the book, it really seemed to move at a nice pace. My problem was that it took me awhile to reach that point. The book is also 11 years old at this point and believe it or not, some of the technology used in it struck me as a little dated. I read historical novels, too, so this wasn’t a big point for me to get past, though it might be for some people.

Other than Boldt and Matthews, I really didn’t feel much of a connection with any of the other characters. Boldt reminds me of Harry Bosch in Michael Connelly’s books.