I wrote My Little Angel as a Christmas novella in 1996 and it’s been out of print for a few years. I decided to publish it as a Kindle e-book in time for Christmas this year.

My Little Angel is the story of Janet Sinclair, a mother who is not looking forward to her first Christmas without her daughter. Danielle Sinclair had died earlier in the year and Janet still doesn’t know how she will go on without her. The littlest things bother her, such as the beautiful porcelain angel she receives as a mystery gift. The little angel looks so much like Danielle that Janet can’t bear to look at it.

To make matters worse, just when Danielle begins to pull out of her depression, she begins seeing Danielle’s ghost. Or is it just her mind playing tricks on her?

The halluncination appears at odd times and always beckons Janet to follow. When Janet does, the hallucination vanishes. However, the hallucination leads Janet to three new friends: Janet’s next-door neighbor, a homeless young woman and an expectant mother.

It will take these three special friends to teach Janet the meaning of love’s true sacrifice and the mystery behind my little angel.

The book is available on Amazon.com for $1.99 and you can send copies as Christmas gifts to the people on your gift list with Kindles. For other types of e-readers, you can find the book on Smashwords.com.