My new web site is up and running. Take a look at it when you get a chance. It replaces  my old AIM Publishing Group web site.

I had a lot of trouble deciding which way to go with a new domain when planning out the new site. I was pretty sure that I wanted to change from AIM Publishing Group and use my name in my domain. Anyone interested in my books is more likely to use my name when searching the web rather than my publishing label. Nearly every writer uses his or her name in their domains.

So what was the name that a reader would use when searching for me. I go by Jim Rada but that’s not the name on my book covers. However, I wasn’t sure how well would work as a web site. That’s how I settled on

More than the domain is new, though. The new web site has a more energetic look with a few new features in it. Since I needed to include more e-books than I did on the old site, I decided to connect directly to the Amazon pages. Here’s a screen shot of part of the new home page.

There’s a few more things that I would like to include on future updates like additional purchasing links, embedding my blogs and an on-line portfolio. Those will come as I learn more or the web page creation software gets easier.

So what do you think of