I know this article is a bit old, but I think it helps put some perspective on what the author saw as new trends at the time.

I took three things from this article that might have larger application if we, as authors, eventually want to join the ranks of the highest paid.

  1. Embracing new technology. The highest-paid authors are embracing new technology, such as e-books and audio. The article even notes that J.K. Rowling’s reluctance to sell her Harry Potter series      electronically had hurt her financially, but that was expected to change with the launch of the Pottermore site.
  2. Diversifying. The bestselling authors are diversifying. Many of the top name authors have launched YA series. (I just finished reading Harlan Coben’s first venture in this field called “Shelter.”) This can be seen with authors trying to develop new series characters in  the same genre or jumping into a new genre.
  3. Keep writing. The writers who stay on top keep writing. Some, ike James Patterson, start getting others to help them with the writing.  To keep selling, you want to keep your name out in front of readers so      that not only will they get your newest book, but they’ll also want to grab titles from your backlist.

You may take something different from the article and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it because I’m always looking to better understand this crazy profession I find myself in.

Here’s the link to the Forbes article.