Back in 2003, I wrote a feature article for the Cumberland Times-News that really touched me and judging by the response I got from it, it touched a lot of readers, too. It’s the story about a young boy who lost his girlfriend’s class ring more than 40 years ago and how that ring eventually was returned and to whom.

One woman went so far as to write me that the article should be turned into a Hallmark Special. While that didn’t happen, it did win an award for “Best Feature Story” from the Associated Press.

I came across the article going through a box of newspaper clippings the other week and decided that I would offer it with a little bit of reworking as an e-book. I was even lucky enough to track down some pictures that I could include with the story.

A Love Returned goes on sale as part of the Kindle Select Program on Monday for 99 cents. Take a look and see what you think. You can’t go wrong for 99 cents.

Here’s the link where you’ll be able to find A Love Returned and my other Kindle books.