I’ve been enjoying doing some e-publishing this year and have discovered some useful benefits with it. For instance, I’ll be turning one of my out-of-print books, Canawlers, into an e-book. This way, it stays in print until it goes into a new printing. This will happen since one of my future projects is a third Canawlers book. That’s when I figure the original Canawlers will be reprinted.

The newest use of e-publishing that I’ve found is for short projects that I’ve wanted to do for a while. These are projects that I didn’t have enough material to turn into a book-length project like novellas or ideas I want to try out first to see if they have an audience.

My newest venture is one of these short projects. It’s called When the Babe Came to Town: Stories of George Herman Ruth’s Small-Town Baseball Games. It’s a project I’ve had some interest in doing, but I don’t have a feel for whether it would be worth turning into a full book. I found myself wondering whether it was worth investing the hours upon hours of writing and research when there were other projects that I could be doing that would have a known market.

So I put together four stories of Babe Ruth’s barnstorming adventures and how he connected with his fans. They are fun stories to write and I hope readers enjoy them because there are plenty more stories out there.

If this first volume is successful, I’ll do another one that’s longer and if they find an audience, I could eventually put them together for a book. In this way, e-publishing serves as a way to test market ideas.

Let me know what you think of this new book. It should be available on Smashwords and Amazon later this month.