I’ve been flirting with e-publishing for a couple months now. I published a couple small novellas to see how easy it was to get a manuscript ready to upload. While relatively easy, it did present some challenges that could be frustrating. For instance e-publishing software doesn’t like the comma in my name “James Rada, Jr.” I discovered that sometimes it winds up publishing my name as “Jr. James Rada.”

I just finished uploading my first full-length novel to Smashwords. I like this site because it publishes in multiple formats and offers free ISBN numbers. The book still needs to be reviewed for any uploading errors, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that things will go smoothly. Sometimes its the smallest problems that seem to take the most time to resolve, at least judging by my experience.

I have to say that the overall experience has been enjoyable. I like having more control over my projects and how they are presented.

Here’s a peek at the cover for this e-book. I’ll write more about the book later, but what do you think about the cover?