Working as a freelance writer can be like trying to herd cats, as the saying goes. In this case, the cats are the projects and other jobs you have to do because you do it all as a freelancer. Right now, I’ve got 8 articles I’m working, 2 more that I need to do some planning for, a manuscript I’m formatting, a manuscript I’m editing and a manuscript that I’m writing. This also doesn’t include the forum posts, invoicing, queries and job estimates that I need to do. Instead of freelance writer, the job should be freelance writer-editor-designer-marketer-CPA-purchaser-CEO.

Most days, I find myself working my way through my to-do list doing a little bit of everything. This keeps all my project up-to-date, but it takes longer to get them finished. This means my to-do list gets longer as more things go on the list than come off of it.

My solution to this came about more from instinct than any great insight on my part. As a deadline draws near, I focus more on that project and at some point, I’ll drop a lot of other work for the day and just  finish a project that is probably 75 percent done.

I feel such a nice sense of relief to be able to cross it off my to-do list, which in actuality is really no shorter. But it feels like it is because it’s one less project I’ve got bouncing around in my head trying to get my attention.