Happy New Year! A new year means another chance to make your dreams come true. It also means having to pull all of my paperwork together for taxes, but that’s a different story.

It’s a time for me to lay out a plan for the upcoming year and then see how close I can come to hitting those targets. This falls under that business side of the writing business that most writers don’t like doing. I don’t like doing it either because it takes away from my work, but it’s one of those necessary evils.

I look at goal setting for the year like creating an outline for my business. It gives me a way to focus on specifics rather than running off in dozens of different directions with ideas. The helps me be more efficient so I don’t have to work the business side of things as much.

  • In 2011, in addition to the regular magazines that I enjoy working with, I sold articles to nine new magazines that I hadn’t worked with before. I want to continue that momentum and sell to 12 new magazines this year.
  • I cracked the $1/word article market with a sale to History Channel Magazine in 2011. I’d like to do that at least three times this year.
  • Having experimented with e-publishing last year, I want to get at least six more electronic projects up this year. This is a big undertaking, but the beauty of e-books is that they don’t need to be novels. These projects can be short stories, articles and novella, too.
  • I also want to publish two books; one non-fiction and one collection.

That should keep me plenty busy. Now, if my focus starts to wander, I can always review my goals to set myself straight. I’ve got big hopes for 2012.