I love it when inspiration hits, though it’s rarely at a convenient time.

I’ve been working at my new book, which is tentatively titled Saving Shallmar. It’s going well and I’m enjoying the writing of the story and seeing how it unfolds as I flesh out my outline.

It’s been a bit of a disjointed process, though. I experienced the same thing with Battlefield Angels. I write different sections of the book at the same time and have different parts of the book at different stages of development. Gradually, I start to tie everything together and bring everything up to the same level. It can be confusing and it’s very different from the way I write my novels, which is a very linear process.

To add to the confusion with Saving Shallmar, I came across the idea for a book. I’m not sure if it will be my next book or not, but it’s definitely one that’s competing for my attention along with Saving Shallmar.

I don’t want to go into too much detail because I’m still collecting information and developing how to present the story. I will say that it’s a true story from 1920’s Baltimore. I believe that it will allow me to tie in the feel of Baltimore during the Jazz Age, space exploration and pulp fiction. It should also be a fun story to write.

I wish I could spend more time on it now, but I’m writing one book and marketing a new book. I just hope it doesn’t take me three years to get around to writing the story.