My new book, Battlefield Angels: The Daughters of Charity Work as Civil War Nurses, is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and I’m having to gear myself up to switch from author to promoter for awhile.

 My life will be crazy through the end of the year.

  • I’ve got a number of things that I have to do each time one of my books is released:
  • Send out press releases
  • Bookstore signings
  • Making sure the book is in various stores and with my distributor
  • Making sure the book is listed on the big sites
  • Getting reviews
  • Author interviews and speaking engagements
  • Order fulfillment

There’s probably other stuff I’m not thinking of right now, which will jump up and slap me in the face when I least expect it. I’ve tried to so some of this before now, but some things just have to wait until I’ve got the book in hand.

Much of this work is going to be a lot heavier than usual, too, because of the nature of Battlefield Angels. My previous books had a smaller primary audience that was easier for me to do the first phase of my marketing. Battlefield Angels not only has a larger primary market, it has two primary markets.

Add to this, I’ve still got to do all my regular writing work and the additional family things that happen in the holiday season and you can see why I think I’ll need a nice long break in 2012.

Not that that will happen. I’ll probably have to settle for a nice, long nap.