I thought submission management software was supposed to make my life easier. I sure haven’t seen signs of it yet.

For any non-writers out there, submission management software helps you:

  • track the editors you’ve got articles/stories with
  • know the status of those article/stories
  • alert you to what you need to follow-up on

Some programs can do more, but this would be the core functions for all of them.

I am now juggling about 125 active article ideas that I have to keep track of and this doesn’t even count any short stories, novels or copywriting project I may be marketing. In the past, I have lost track on some of those projects. I haven’t missed any important deadlines, but I have forgotten about story ideas that I needed to remind an editor about.

I did my research and after some careful consideration made my first pick. The program was a web download, which I thought would make my life easier. I could be up and running in an hour.


Here are the snags I hit:

  • I had trouble accessing my PayPal account from their web site.
  • I had to wait half a day for an access code.
  • The program wouldn’t load on my computer.

I probably spend at least 2 hours trying to load it before finding out from the company that an installer problem with my type of system hadn’t been overcome yet. The company was quick to give me refund, but I had wasted a few hours with nothing to show for it.

 My second choice had a had been taken off the market until the company could overcome a similar type of problem it was running into like the first company.

My third choice was a free program called Sonar. It’s pretty basic, but it is free so I can’t complain. It is also easy to use.

Now, I’m faced with entering all of my markets, article and submission info. Like I said, I’ve got 125 active article ideas so it will take awhile, though I can see how the software help me once I’m up to date.

Sounds a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

I’ll think I’ll go eat some porridge.