It’s always a relief to finish a book. I sent the Battlefield Angels proof back today. However, as much as I would just like to forget all about it for awhile, I’ve got to start gathering information that I can use to help market the book when it comes out. This is always the roughest part with any book project for me and the economy isn’t making it any better.

The main reason is that I’m not a naturally outgoing sort of person. I can make myself do it when I’m writing for a newspaper or magazine, but when I can be, I tend to be quiet and fade into the background. I remember an old poster from school that read, “If you’re talking, you’re not listening.” I always thought that was something reporters should pay heed to. Listen to what’s going on and understand the situation before you start talking about it.

I don’t have a lot of time to sit back and understand a new situation, though. Despite the fact that I’ve had other books published, this is a new situation for me. It’s my first non-fiction book-length project. It also has a much larger primary audience than most of my books do. I’ve got high hopes for this book since it ties in with the Civil War market and the 150th anniversary remembrances. So I’m hoping to get it into a lot of national park bookstores. Since it is also a Catholic book, I’m hoping to get it into Catholic bookstores, which would be a first for me.

I figure I’ll be crazily busy this last quarter of the year between booksignings, visiting bookstores, making sure the distribution channels are set and don’t forget the holiday going-ons.

I may be like Santa and just sleep all of Christmas Day.